Published December 4 2017, By alomaids
A modish designed carpet gives an aesthetic look to the place. Everyone thinks of a carpet when willing to refurbish the house. Imagine a new carpet you bought with your heart and your child split milk or anything that left a stubborn stain on it. Sure you do not want that situation to happen but […]
Published November 25 2017, By alomaids
Don’t you feel hateful by the nasty odor that strikes your face when entering the home? You expect your sweet home to be scented with pleasant smell but if disgusting smell welcome you, the first question that comes to mind will be from where it is coming? And after discovering the source the next question […]
Published November 20 2017, By alomaids
What winters bring? Hot coffee and cosy environment in the well insulated house! But you can only enjoy them fully if you keep yourself safe from this hazardous weather.   Safety Tips For Home: Firstly, staying at home in winters is not the guarantee to be safe. Whether at home or outdoors, appropriate precautions should […]
Published November 8 2017, By alomaids
It would be impossible to clean your kitchen without throwing all that trash you see everyday in cabinets or on refrigerator. Open your cabinet and you will find a pack of porridge with other snack packets fall down each morning or it is like eternity to get your pickle jar as it is placed behind […]
Published November 1 2017, By alomaids
Chilling winter is already here with all its coldness and freeze airs. Many of us like this season, the feeling of warm blankets, the tasty baked peanuts, and sips of hot coffee or tea enjoyed with snowfall outside. Oh these envisions already brought winter in your mind, doesn’t they?? Apart from its enjoyable moments, it […]
Published October 27 2017, By alomaids
Standing at office door, looking inside what are you feeling? Good or bad? Is there a clean, nice, and tidy office that you want to start new day happily or a cluttered office area is welcoming you and urges you to turn back and hightail? These are the two situations office goers face each day! […]
Published October 24 2017, By alomaids
Lover of home or interior decoration? Almost everyone is fond of decoration. Themed color of the wall, contrast furniture and other fixtures, minimal wall pieces, well placed and modern lights are part of modern-look commercial places and offices. No matter which sort of decoration is trendy but everyone decorates as their own choice. Do not […]
Published October 17 2017, By alomaids
The kitchen is not less than a heaven as the good enough thing is, it’s the place where good food is made! It is the only place where we lurk around the most whenever there is food craving. Take the ingredients out of the fridge and try to cook favorite dishes is the most wonderful […]
Published October 10 2017, By alomaids
Here are 8 cleaning mistakes that you might be making. Avoid these while cleaning to prevent undue damage to your home.   Not cleaning your sponge: Clean your sponge on daily basis as if you stop cleaning them they become stinky and dirty, while cleaning your dishes and counter with dirty sponge spread bacteria. To […]
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