Service Policy

Service Policy

Once a customer books a service with Alo Maids & Technical Services, it is assumed that the customer has read and understood and accepted the below service terms and conditions.


  1. It is client’s responsibility to make necessary arrangements to provide access to the job site at the scheduled time. Alternatively, company can be requested to arrange one at least 5 working days in advance of the scheduled time.
  2. Incase client cannot provide access to the site on time (by not opening the door or for any other reason), it is understood that payment will be still made for the waiting or lost time.


  1. Given the level and intensity of training our cleaning/housekeeping staff get, they are expected to deliver a satisfactory service if not an outstanding service. However, for any reason, they are unable to do a good job, we will send them to clean it again for FREE.
  2. To avail the free make-up service, customer must notify the company within 12hrs of the service time and must share proof of the poor service.
  3. Free make-up service is available only with the same team/cleaner.


  1. Payment for any service must be paid immediately upon completion of the work, unless otherwise agreed in writing for contractual customers.
  2. Payment will be accepted by cash or credit card or wire transfer or cheque payable to ALO Maids & Technical Services or as per the contract agreement. Credit card payments are subject to an additional fee to cover the third-party service charges.
  3. In case there are multiple promotions going on, only one promotion can be availed at the same time.
  4. For weekly and monthly payments, customers must submit their personal documents including Tenancy Contract, Emirates Identity Card, and Passport copy.
  5. Loyalty card is applicable only when a customer is paying full rate, not a discounted rate.
  6. A late of 3% per month is applicable for delayed payments.
  7. Loyalty free hours can be availed only with a filled and duly signed loyalty card.
  8. Loyalty program/card can be availed only if a customer is paying the regular service rate and no with another promotion.



  1. Alo Maids & Technical Services LLC will make the best possible efforts to arrange replacement in cases where unexpected circumstances have befallen the assigned team or team member.
  2. In unforeseen situations, Alo Maids & Technical Services reserves the right to cancel the service with/without prior notification and without any financial obligation to the customer.
  3. In cases where a team member is sick or on leave, Alo Maids & Technical Services is obliged to arrange a replacement.
  4. Last-minute (less than 16hrs of notice) cancellations are subject to 50% charge of the total cost of the scheduled job.
  5. If a customer cancels two consecutive sessions of a recurring cleaning service, with a particular cleaning team/staff, Alo Maids & Technical Services has the right to use the team/staff for another assignment. Customers have the option to pay a holding fee to reserve a particular team/cleaner.
  6. If a customer fails to pay for two consecutive cleaning/bills/invoices, Alo Maids & Technical Services has the right to terminate the service and take necessary legal action to recover the payment.


  1. All services shall be deemed to have been carried out to the Client’s satisfaction unless written notice is received by ALO Maids & Technical Services LLC.
  2. Refund claims will not be considered once the service has been delivered.
  3. Any service related complaints will be fully investigated and attempts will be made to resolve it to Client’s satisfaction.
  4. In case of any other claim regarding loss or damage to property by our staff or missing item(s) the company will not be responsible for any claims whatsoever. In these circumstances, clients must inform us before the staff leaves their premises or within 6 to 8 hours of the service delivery.
  5. For any lost items, client must report to the company within 6 hours of the service delivery. If client wishes, he/she reserves the right to make a police complaint and ALO Maids & Technical Services assures full cooperation in the process.
  6. No any complaints will be entertained after 12hours.
  7. It is advisable to sign a service delivery receipt/invoice every time client receives a service. If any client doesn’t want to sign, he/she (client) will be obliged to bear the risks of not signing it.

If the undersigned customer intends to hire any maid/cleaner who is currently on ALO Maids’ sponsored visa, the client will be responsible to pay a one time recruitment fees of AED 12,000 plus all associated legal & transfer costs.

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