Published March 11 2018, By alomaids
With the easy and simple methods of stain removal, you can be safe from throwing your kid’s shirt having mud or grass stain or your favourite pants stained with fruit juice. Daily use ingredients and other common items are already in your house as stain saver so use these to fight with tough stains.   […]
Published March 10 2018, By alomaids
Do you think that your home is getting enough cleaning that it actually needs? Many think of their house as clean until other people start to speak about the nasty smell or the grim that accumulate at the top spaces, corners or roof of your house. The only solution of making your house shiny, sparkle […]
Published February 25 2018, By alomaids
The cleaning and organization hacks work as a blessing as they help to get rid of the messy and cluttered space. Old stuff can be reused in order to keep things at the right place to make the home as good as we always want it. A clean and neat place effects in a positive […]
Published February 20 2018, By alomaids
The biggest problem of living in a small house or apartment is keeping your stuff organized and managed. You cannot throw or put the stuff anywhere you want as your house will then become a messy space rather than a clean one called as ‘home’. For everyone, a clutter-free home is like a heaven where […]
Published February 16 2018, By alomaids
9-5 office routine is the major and ‘daunting’ part of our lives. Although many have discovered flexible hours of working from any place but a large population still works toil in the office for up to eight hours or even more. Ever noticed an increase in the sick leaves piled up at your desk or […]
Published February 16 2018, By alomaids
You must hear about the magical cleaning solutions available in the marke that claim to make your house sparkle but they also put heavy burden on the pocket due to high cost.  Even if they are of low price ,why use these chemicals having harmful ingredients instead of common household items for cleaning purpose. Yes […]
Published February 9 2018, By alomaids
Pollution is the worldwide popular phenomenon that is majorly caused by the harmful chemicals. Different cleaning products or solutions are used to achieve the cleanliness but the paramount question of concern here is about the impact of these cleaners on the health of people and the environment. The safety of these solutions is still unknown […]
Published January 22 2018, By alomaids
There are many benefits of a clean house. It creates a pleasurable feeling, sense of relaxation and above all, your family and kids will remain far away from harmful diseases. Usually, we keep our place clean but some areas in the house get success in hiding from our sight while doing routine cleaning. Dust builds […]
Published January 22 2018, By alomaids
Essential oils are traditionally being used for many years for the treatment of minor ailments, therapies and various other purposes. These oils are extracted from flowers, fruits, seeds and other parts of plants. Many people use these beneficial oils in homes as they are natural and safe. No doubt these oils help in a great […]
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