Published October 10 2017, By Alo Maids
Here are 8 cleaning mistakes that you might be making. Avoid these while cleaning to prevent undue damage to your home.   Not cleaning your sponge: Clean your sponge on daily basis as if you stop cleaning them they become stinky and dirty, while cleaning your dishes and counter with dirty sponge spread bacteria. To […]
Published September 30 2017, By Alo Maids
Dust is made up of all kinds of particles including dead skin cells, fibers from cloth or paper and dirt mites, etc. Dust can lead to allergy and other health problems. You cannot prevent dust from entering your home, but you can prevent them from affecting you. You can make your environment better by following […]
Published September 26 2017, By Alo Maids
A maid can offer you many benefits and it can be helpful to know some of the main reasons and benefits of hiring a maid from ALO Maids. We take cleaning very seriously. Below are some of the top benefits you will get by hiring a maid.   1- We have Experience: ALO Maids have […]
Published September 12 2017, By Alo Maids
Glass windows and doors easily collect dirt, even if you clean them weekly. You can get these glass windows and doors clean and streak-free within a few minutes, by following the tips and tricks given below.   1- Dusting the glass: With a soft dusting cloth wipe down the glass frame to remove any dirt […]
Published October 10 2016, By Alo Maids
A dirty and stained bathtub will worsen the entire bathroom appearance, you should know that different types of bathtub need different methods of cleaning. But with just a few simple cleaning steps and the following helpful hints, you can clean your bathtub properly.   1- Porcelain Enameled Steel Bathtub: Porcelain enameled steel is a commonly […]
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