Bathroom Cleaning Service

It will feel so pleasing if think of a world in which all your daily tasks and errands are finished before the actual time or ahead of time. You will then have much free time to complete any of your important work or just spend that precious time with family or friends. It is a dream of many of us! Not anymore! You may not ever think about it! But you have a golden opportunity to take time out from your house chores especially house cleaning. ALO MAIDS- a reliable and trustworthy cleaning company in Dubai also provides bathroom cleaning services in Dubai.
We are offering help in the residential bathroom cleaning with our professional maids in Dubai who know how to clean your bathroom with an adept approach.

What Includes In This Service?

Bathroom cleaning comprises of the below-mentioned chores:
Cleaning washbasin, bathtub, shower and toilet.
  • Cleaning of shower drapes.
  • Swabbing of fixtures through disinfectant after initial cleaning.
  • Wash and clean the tiles.
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Emptying of the dustbins.
  • Cleaning of mirrors.
Our maids Dubai do the deep and thorough cleaning of your bathroom and with the use of disinfectants, the cleaning will be hygienic and it will cut the growth of germs by 50%.

Done With Perfection!

Our professional Dubai maids use different strategies and cleaning solutions for the basin, bathtub, toilet and other areas of your bathroom. We use specific chemicals which will not cause any harm to fixtures. Separately deal with each area to ensure that every section is clean and disinfected. Microfiber cloths, scrubs, cleaners, lime scale removal products are the items our maids in Dubai are equipped with. Carefully emptying and fill washbasin and bathtub with hot water or other specialized products to unclog them, apply cleaning agent and scrub the whole basin down to clean corners and edges, wipe it with microfiber or use multi-surface wipes. Wearing rubber gloves, our personnel use the right material for your toilet. Use a generous amount of cleaner under the rim and the edges of the bowl. Allowing the cleaner to be left for few minutes causes stain removal. Fully wipe it and apply disinfectant. The floor and tiles are also washed with an appropriate cleaner and mopping of the floor done in the end.

We Deliver Quality And Customer Contentment:

“Quality” is our supreme goal at each stage of service. This is not only bound to high-quality cleaning services through well-trained maids but also by the quick provision of maids with punctuality, specialized cleaning plans for each client, quick change of plans as per your requirement, excellent and friendly communication, instant booking and confirmation with a seamless process. We are miles away from difficult processes and provide all from maid booking to cleaning of house with ease. ALO MAIDS is committed to customer satisfaction through its top standard home bathroom cleaning services in Dubai. You can book from variety of time frames either its daily, weekly or as you need. You will never find such top-notch bathroom cleaning service in Dubai as we serve for you.
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