The newly constructed area looks all good and polished but a lot of hard work is done before handing it the client.  Following any construction, a thick layer of dust and grime can be seen on the surfaces which deserves a complete transformation with a clean and tidy look.  You must not want to hear any complain from your customer regarding dirty tanks or trash in the basement which will ultimately put your efforts in vain. It is undeniable that at the end of construction, a deep and thorough cleaning is a necessity before a resident or client take possession.

Alomaids is renown for the cleaning company in Dubai, UAE. We provide detailed cleaning services in Dubai after construction, debris has been removed by our certified and trained cleaners in Dubai. With modern equipment and tools for post construction cleaning, our cleaners in Dubai will make the surfaces shine.


What Includes In Our Excellent Post Construction Service:

As our specialist cleaners in Dubai are well experienced and qualified to restore the construction projects. Following are our post-construction cleaning services:

  • Cleaning of restroom fixtures
  • Cleaning of spots on interior glass
  • Dusting the Air Diffusers
  • Deep cleaning of air condition ducts
  • Thorough cleaning of parking area
  • Cleaning of lights
  • Vacuuming the carpets and special treatment for stain removal.
  • Sweeping and mopping hard-surface floors


Standard Operational Services By ALOMAIDS Cleaning Company In Dubai:

The post-construction team is supervised by our safety staff members for a  final check that all the cleaning is done properly and according to the safety regulations. From the small sized area to large ones, our experienced cleaners are dedicated, passionate, and hardworking and use the most appropriate methods and ways to clean the site. We work with the methodological approach in every project, first by assessing the task, get our cleaners prepare for it, provide required tools and devices, documentation for after cleaning assessment,  job execution under strict safety guidelines, report after task completion. This process helps us to consider each part of the building and ensure cleaning done perfectly with zero chance of error. Refurbishing the commercial and residential buildings is what our operational staff excels at. Our maids in Dubai-UAE is fully capable to get the job done in the best possible way. Our professional Dubai maids will handle the cleaning responsibility and complete their work in time under budget. The flawless cleaning services in Dubai deliver by Alomaids cleaning company in Dubai-UAE is reasonable and can easily fix in your budget.


Exceptional Customer Care Service:

We are not extraordinary in the best cleaning by cleaning staff but we have a passionate customer care team determined to go beyond expectation when it comes to care and prompt responses. With the flexible schedule as convenient to you, we book your cleaning service.We provide services with quick answering and confirmation. Throw away the stress out of your mind after ordering for our cleaning service, as from beginning till the end you will only find satisfaction and happiness.


I would also like to let you know, that we are exceptionally happy with Subitha, she is incredibly good at her job, and extremely professional. We would highly recommend her to anyone, she is just fantastic, and a real credit to your company.


They have well trained and trustworthy staff. Highly recommended. 

Abdul from DSO

The cleaners you sent last week were great. Please send me the same cleaner again.

Mrs. Jabir

Cleaning done by your cleaner was very good. Definitely will use your service in future. Thank you.


It was very good service. Thank you. We will use and recommend your company again.


Amazing services! Highly professional and dedicated team!


Super service, very friendly staff, amazing rates, and hands down the best maid provider in Dubai.


Friendly and professional cleaning staff.


My wife has ordered the maids from Alo Maids and extremely satisfied with the professionalism and quality of work delivered. We appreciate the great work done and certainly, we will be ordering again from Alo Maids. Well done team Alo Maids.

Atif Masud
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