Being the most ignored part of the house, walls and ceiling turn to build up a layer of dirt, grime, and grease over the period of time. Different areas of your place need different sort of cleaning like the walls and ceilings of the kitchen and open living room have more grease and dirt respectively which makes an unsightly look of these areas. Moreover, the type of material of walls and ceilings determine which type of cleaning will be best suited. Alomaids – cleaning company in Dubai is offering quality cleaning services in Dubai that meets the requirement of your place. We utilize various methods through our expert cleaners in Dubai for perfect cleaning. At the end of our cleaning service, you will only find a new look and fresh odour.


Alomaids can handle all the cleaning needs of your walls and ceilings:

Improve the appearance of your place by our expert wall and ceiling cleaning services in Dubai. With our exclusive cleaning techniques, our cleaners in Dubai eliminate dirt, grime, grease, stain patches, odour, and smoke stains from your walls and ceiling. The wall and ceiling are made by using different materials like bricks, stones, tiles, ceramic and special panels. Our cleaners first examine to finalize the type of solution used and method applied. Grease usually accumulates on the walls and ceilings due to cooking oil spot and smoke stains. Our cleaners in Dubai work with the right solution to clean the area without any damage to paint or the tiles.

Cleaning is also important for maintaining the hygiene of the area as dust will be circulated by your air unit causing allergy. The accumulation of organic substances on walls and ceilings also supports the growth of bacteria and mould spores. Therefore it is necessary to call professionals for deep cleaning after certain time periods.


Get our professional cleaning service in Dubai

Alomaids - cleaning company in Dubai renders affordable cleaning maid services with client satisfaction. Our cleaners in Dubai use safe, non-toxic, and odourless solutions for the cleaning of your walls and ceilings. Special spraying system and equipment are used to clean the surfaces. Before the beginning of the procedure, our staff will cover the floor, furniture and fixtures to keep them safe. Then we dust off the loose debris from walls and ceilings. The application of solutions is done with expertise for the cleaning of surfaces. These solutions break down the contaminants which are then removed, brings a fresh look to your space.

With our expert wall and ceiling cleaning services, your room will look spacious and bright. Our cleaning services in Dubai will take few hours but the quality of service will aid you to save money from tiles replacement or painting of the place. Dingy surfaces absorb the light and make the room look gloomy and it is often required more lights to keep the area bright. Cleaning will reflect the light fully from surfaces allows the energy savings and prevent you from spending money on additional lighting.


The cleaners you sent last week were great. Please send me the same cleaner again.

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It was very good service. Thank you. We will use and recommend your company again.

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I stress all the ladies have been lovely!


Thank you! Best maids in Dubai!

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Thanks for all your hard work.It was very good service. Thank you. We will use and recommend your company again.

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Very nice, different and beautiful branding & logo.

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