Message from the Founding Director

Message from the Founding Director

In pursuit of material progress, humanity has exploited the resources of planet (earth) in an irresponsible manner. We, unfortunately continue to do so in most parts of the world. This reckless attitude and short-sightedness have now placed us in a place where life and business as usual cannot be sustained any longer.

Abnormal and extreme weather conditions, rising sea levels, melting glacier, increasing global temperatures are existential threats to humanity. And we must do everything we can, as individuals and businesses to not only limit but minimize these threats. Else, we will see communities burnt down to ashes in wildfires, masses perished due to disease outbreaks, cities wiped out by floods & typhoons and animals & people dying of hunger, drought, and heat.

Therefore, it is crucial that we rethink our behavior and make achieving sustainability a priority – for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

I believe businesses, regardless of their size, especially those with carbon-intensive business activities must adapt to the changing eco-system and make environmental protection a preference over profits – even if it takes ceasing of a business or repurposing their facilities. Also, it is important that businesses align their activities with the United Nation’s Development Goals and aim to contribute to these goals through their business activities. Because limiting global warming is a common/universal goal, hence everyone must work together to reach it.

Let’s work together to leave this planet a livable place for our future generations.

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