Lawn Cleaning Services

A small piece of land carpeted with bright green and fresh grass, an area having vivid colored beautiful flowers greatly adds beauty to the house. Even a small lawn can have numerous different kinds of flowers or blooms with a fascinating smell that can make your whole outdoor area filled with their pleasant smell. The lawn in the home is like a heaven on earth for gardening lovers, as it is a very beautiful experience to see the flowers fluorescence! But gardening does not only relate to fertilizers, seeds, and pesticides. Garden making must be followed by its maintenance or your hard work can go in vain! ALO MAIDS, admits your attached feelings with your blooms and trees so offers you the service of garden cleaning and maintenance in Dubai.

Want A Clean, Green And Up-To-Date Garden?

Garden maintenance and cleaning is tougher than garden making. Fertilizers, seeds and other gardening tools can be used for growing plants but for cleaning and maintenance specialized techniques, special treatments, and tools are used. For them, you must have a professional hand at your side. At the same time, taking out even few hours from busy hours and hectic schedules could be a big problem or nearly impossible. But it’s not the point to worry about, ALO MAIDS, a Dubai based cleaning company provides experts of garden cleaning and maintenance anytime you demand! Dubai has quite a harsh climate for gardens as dust storms are common here so your lawn or garden needs special cleaning. Our team take care of your garden according to the agenda you make; our professionals are trained with gardening techniques and can re-make it with their garden cleaning and maintenance skills. Our general garden cleaning and maintenance service comprises of:
  • Dead leaves removal
  • Disease control treatment for pests.
  • Composting, fertilizing, and lawn dressing
  • Weed Control in Garden and Lawns
  • Garden cleaning
  • Leaf Cleaning
  • Watering of plants
  • Trimming and re-shaping of shrubs and hedges
  • Hedging
  • Pruning
  • Seasonal planting of plants
Give us a chance and you will find how our professional and skilled hands can make your garden more captivating and attracting than ever before! Do not make a timetable or mark your calendars for remembering when you will need to clean the garden. Give us a call, tell us your days and leave the rest to us. We will get in touch with you, reschedule the dates and details if you want. Our talented garden cleaning staff always reaches timely and do the assigned work with prowess and care. Trust us, your garden will be under professional personnel who do their task with the same care as it is done by you. We are always here to serve you with quality garden cleaning service in Dubai as our target is to satisfy our clients, make them happy and care-free. You can contact us anytime, our team will give a speedy reply, book the personnel for you with confirmation within minutes. No need to be worrisome when ALO MAIDS cleaning service is here.
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