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Ways To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Chilling winter is already here with all its coldness and freeze airs. Many of us like this season, the feeling of warm blankets, the tasty baked peanuts, and sips of hot coffee or tea enjoyed with snowfall outside. Oh these envisions already brought winter in your mind, doesn’t they??

Apart from its enjoyable moments, it is important to keep your house prepared for winter or else ready to get freeze! Sitting in sweater and having warm blanket covered you but this cold air makes its way to you, to prevent from such happenings you should bring little changes to your house so your whole winter season will be spend as cozy as you want.


Seal The Leaky Furnace Ducts:

Check your furnace duct for any leakage as they could be a cause of high utility bills and fail to keep the house warm. Some pipes are hidden in walls or ceilings so you better get a professional to help you out. The visible pipes can be covered by you but instead of duct tape use metal tapes or mastic sealant to get good results.

Many appliances like water heater or furnace could build-up dangerous gases like carbon monoxide, sealing the leaks can reduce this risk. Sealing will cost little but you can benefit from it more.


Replace Furnace Filters:

Dirty furnace filters may clog with dirt and carbon end up in decreased heating efficiency of the furnace. Replace the old ones with new every month. Uncaring about filters will leave cold house and increase amount in bills. When every appliance is maintained before use, you will just have to rest not anything else!


Lower Hot Water Temperature:

Hot water heaters typically heat at 140 degrees. Keeping it a little lower that is 120 can cost low in bills but also you can have enough heated water for bathing, washing clothes, and dish cleaning. Also reduce any possible chance of accidental burns. It is essential to maintain and check your heating appliances daily so you can catch if there is any problem.


Seal Household Leaks:

Take a round of your house, observe every part closely and note on any writing pad about the leaks and open areas of your house which should be closed. Pipes can be sealed by metal tapes, small gaps can be closed using caulks and bigger ones by using spray foam gap filler. Digital thermometer can be used to check from where cold air is entering and do the appropriate to stop it. Pay close attention to windows, door frames, chimneys, and vents.
Make sure to close the chimney once the heated area is cool down, will save your home from cold air.


Use Programmable Thermostat:

Install a programmable thermostat in your house. It will keep the house warm by increasing temperature and automatically lower it when you are away. Programmable thermostat works automatically but should not be used with heat pump. It will not cost more than $70, if you want Wi-Fi enabled learning thermostat it will be expensive for you.


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