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Published December 4 2017, By alomaids


A modish designed carpet gives an aesthetic look to the place. Everyone thinks of a carpet when willing to refurbish the house. Imagine a new carpet you bought with your heart and your child split milk or anything that left a stubborn stain on it. Sure you do not want that situation to happen but there are still strong chances! But if this happened to your carpet then it is the pressing time that your carpet needs your attention.

Here in this blog, all the methods of carpet cleaning will work perfectly. Put your efforts in these tips and at the end, your carpet will get rid of all freaky accidental stain.


Use Vinegar for Spot Killing: 

Do you know that a cheap ingredient placed on your shelf behind is used in cleaning almost every sort of stains? Yes, vinegar and water mix can also help you clean the carpet stain. Mix both vinegar and water in equal parts and fill in the spray bottle. Apply it to the spotted area and leave it there for 10-15 min until the carpet soaks it. Then blot the area with a soft cloth, repeat this process 2-3 times more and the stain will be diminished.


Use Dishwasher Against its Rival, Grease:

As the dishwasher cuts off grease from your dishes it can do the same on carpets. If oil or any other greasy substance is swallowed by your carpet then quickly mix one or two drops of water and apply with spray. After few minutes, tap the area gently with a clean water soaked cloth. Remember not to rub if you got any kind of stain on the carper as it will only distribute the particles more deeply rather than cleaning.


Hydrogen Peroxide for the Rescue: 

Oh got a finger cut? And the blood is dropped on the carpet despite your full efforts not to stain it with blood. Just relax hydrogen peroxide is always there to the rescue. Soak the dried blood stain with a mixture of water and detergent. Clean it with another piece of fabric as much as you can and apply few drops of hydrogen peroxide on remaining blood stain, it will foam when contact with blood. Wipe it gently with a towel and that tenacious stain will go. 


Candy Crush on Carpet:

Kids love to eat candies sitting on the floor, spreading all the little pieces of it on the carpet. Sticky candies can be difficult to remove and if left as it is, it will be the open invitation to dirt and dust. Lose the sugar through butter knife and apply a mixture of detergent and water to remove all the candy out of the carpet.


Deep Cleaning by Professionals is the Ultimate Champion: 

Carpet needs periodic deep cleaning through professionals. ALO MAIDS is the leading deep cleaning service company in Dubai, teamed up with the trained and expert cleaners in Dubai. If you want a clean and dust free carpet, call ALO MAIDS. They have solutions of all your cleaning problems.

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