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Published May 20 2018, By Alo Maids

12 Astonishing Uses of the Coffee Filters you probably didn’t know

Made from the paper, coffee filters are used as a sieving utensil for coffee brewing but we can see it used for a myriad of other purposes too.

You can read many exceptional uses of the coffee filters which can save you from spending money on different stuff for which coffee filters could be the best alternative for.


Great for glass cleaning:

These easily available filters are tear resistant when coming in contact with the water. Therefore, it acts as a dust remover and glass cleaner for sparkling.


Good for makeup touch-ups:

Put some coffee filters in your bag and go confidently in any party. You can use these for sweat absorbing and makeup touch-ups.


Incredible nail polish remover:

Why go for cotton balls when you have coffee filters? These work best for removing the nail polish without any damage to your nails due to its softness.


Excellent alternate of tea bags:

Oh, forget the tea bags? Not even a problem! Just put some loose tea in the tea bag and tie it. Now your tea bag is ready. You can make the herbal tea bags using the same method.


Stunning for creating decoration stuff:

Depending on your creativity and ideas, a number of decoration pieces can be made from filters. Take some help from the internet and refurbish your house.


Convenient as disposable plates:

For snacks, filters can be used as disposable plates. Throw away the tension of washing dirty dishes by serving your snacks in coffee filters.


Beneficial as cookware protector:

As an ideal absorbent, it is perfect for the absorbing the moisture and save your cookware from corroding. It will make your cookware usable for a long time.


Best for car interior cleaning:

To make your car interior look shiny, take the filter having few drops of vegetable oil. Get rid of the minor scuffs with these cheap filters.


Amazing smell and oil absorbent:

Have smelly shoes? Short of tissues? Want pleasant aroma in kitchen drawers and home? The ultimate solution is widely available in coffee filters.


Instant funnel:

Just roll the filters and here you got a funnel. You can keep few filters in the car to avoid oil spillages when adding oil in your car.


Perfect for small stuff keeper:

Small objects of furniture and others can be kept in coffee filters so that you cannot ever miss any object.


Ideal for dim light photography:

Filters are used as a hack for photography. It will take the soft pictures by making the light dim.


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