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Published December 13 2017, By Alo Maids

Things You Must Know About Bleach Cleaning

Bleach is one of the household chemical having strong odor as well as action. This powerful agent also disinfects and kills the germs. Used in low concentration the sanitizing agent needs to be handled with care in kitchen, bathrooms or wherever you are using it for cleaning purpose. Consider the following points as facts or precautions but these tips will aid you to learn that what should and should not while cleaning with bleach.


Make Your Flowers Scent the House for Long:

Fresh flowers in the house give a relaxing and pleasant feeling. Doesn’t they? But when dry, loose their nice fragrance. If you got fresh flowers and want to scent your home for a long time go get some bleach. Water, lemon juice, and bleach will be the preservative that your flowers need to live long. Add one tablespoon of sugar and two tablespoons of lemon in a quarter of water then add a half tablespoon of bleach which will prevent the bacterial growth.


Bleach in the Kitchen, is it Safe?

Yes, it is. Bleach is a powerful cleaning agent but used in low concentration in the kitchen will disinfect the area. For safety, you just have to wipe the counter or other surfaces with water at the end of cleaning. The diluted solution can be made by mixing two and a half tablespoon of 5.25% chlorine bleach in one gallon of warm water. In this way, it can safely clean and sanitize your kitchen.


If You are Cleaning With Bleach, Open the Windows for Exhaustion

Overuse of chlorine-based bleach may cause irritation of the eyes and skin roughness with peeling. So wear the gloves before setting off for cleaning. Open your windows for ventilation to let the fumes and intense odour out of the area. Bleach is both cleaning and disinfecting agent so if you decide to clean the area having grim, it will not work until you dust off the dirt.


Do Not Mix The Bleach With Other Agents: 

Usually, chlorine bleaches are used in warm water but remember if you use hot water, chlorine gas can be released. To stay safe, always use warm water for mixing with the chlorine. Never blend other cleaning agents like vinegar or ones contain ammonia or acid with chlorine bleach as toxic and harmful gases can be released as a result of the reaction. Glass and window cleaners have ammonia which after mixing with chlorine bleach could cause a cough, nausea, chest pain and more. Ammonia is also found in urine, wash the toilet area first before applying the bleach. For the safe note, use chlorine bleach with water only.


To Clean The Water: 

In an emergency situation, you can clean or disinfect water with the bleach. One gallon of water requires just eight drops of bleach. Mix the bleach with water and wait for 30 minutes before drinking it.

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