Published February 20 2018, By alomaids

5 Storage Mistakes that you must avoid

The biggest problem of living in a small house or apartment is keeping your stuff organized and managed. You cannot throw or put the stuff anywhere you want as your house will then become a messy space rather than a clean one called as ‘home’. For everyone, a clutter-free home is like a heaven where you can rest or relax but a dirty house will do the opposite.

Here are few mistakes that must be avoided to keep a comfortable environment in your house and your guests will accept your smart organizing abilities!


Think for extra space too!

Ok so you move into a new house and the first thing that strikes your mind is ‘where do I arrange my stuff?’ You will go for making the space for the things you have now but of course, you are going to live here so you will buy new things in future. Keeping a little extra space will help you in organizing new stuff but also make the area roomy and not seems like the things are going to fall on you.


Neglecting the top spaces:

You might consider the top of the cabinets and refrigerator but many other top spaces are still worth to consider. You can use the top of cupboards in the bedrooms. Will it look messy or ugly? No, as you can put decoration pieces on the front and your stuff behind. No one can see your stuff then! The extra space above your door could be used as storage and surely you are going to like this extra space.


Overlook the wall space:

The floor is not the only choice for storing things but walls can also do great. Mount the shelves on the walls and put whatever you want, books, decoration stuff, or others. Racks are best from holding your coats, hats, keys to utensils of the kitchen. In small houses, you can make a shoe rack in the space below your staircase. You can also make it in the form of a drawer so that the shoes that are used in routine could be kept safe, at the right place and away from the sight of everyone.


Ignoring closed storages:

People who live in apartments or small houses already know that keeping the stuff openly on shelves or racks gives a bad look of the overall house. It is better to store mostly in hidden storages than the open ones. Use drawers, wardrobes or cabinets to make your house look bigger. You can build drawers below the bed where books, daily use clothes as ties and scarves can be kept. This provides you with the bigger space than you imagine.


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