Published February 9 2023, By alomaids

Smart cleaning kit – Enjoy long-lasting hygiene for your home & office.

Picking the right cleaning tools and chemicals is no less than a challenge with hundreds of cleaning items to choose from on the market these days, especially if you are not a cleaning fan or expert. There are tens of cleaning chemicals e.g. dish cleaners, toilet bowel cleaners, bathtub cleaners, oven cleaners, stove cleaners, kitchen counter-top cleaners, surface cleaners, dishwasher cleaners, floor cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners, kinds of dusters, kinds of mops, kinds of brushes and sponges, etc. And there are tens of brands. So picking up the right items that will do the job without costing you a lot in terms of both money and the environment, need a lot of time and effort.

Our thoughtfully selected tools and cleaning liquids into a smart cleaning kit, will not only save you time and effort but also ensure you enjoy a clean and healthy living and working environment for an extended period of time, and without even visiting the market. You can order the kit with the cleaning service and it will stay at your place after the cleaning is done. You don’t have to buy it again and again as we have refill options available to maintain the kit.

The smart cleaning kit includes essential (and effective) cleaning items such as an eco-friendly vacuum cleaner, a mop, a set of carefully selected dusting cloths, and key chemical solutions to clean and disinfect surfaces, floors, and bathrooms. All of these items have been put together to provide you with a lasting cleaning experience that will leave your home and office spotless.

Starting from AED 170 Smart Cleaning kit
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