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Published November 20 2017, By alomaids

5 Safety Tips Of Winter You Must Apply

What winters bring? Hot coffee and cosy environment in the well insulated house! But you can only enjoy them fully if you keep yourself safe from this hazardous weather.


Safety Tips For Home:

Firstly, staying at home in winters is not the guarantee to be safe. Whether at home or outdoors, appropriate precautions should be taken. Take these steps to keep warm during winter months.


Prepare Your House For Insulation:

To avoid the expansion and explosion of water lines, make them insulate. These are usual accident cases in winter and insulating them will keep you safe. Seal your doors and windows and install insulation systems to keep the outside cold air outside! Storms in winter could be so dangerous and breaking of windows in this sort of environment can make things worse, install storm-resistant windows to avoid any unwanted situation.


Check The Heating System:

Have you called for professionals to take a look at the insulation and heating systems? Get your heating system and ventilation clean and maintained so that you need not call for an emergency. Alternate heating systems will be of great help if any of the systems stop working. Install a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector to alert you of this odorless and colorless gas. Fireplaces are most commonly used during winter and more likely to get dirty. Cleaning your chimneys and fireplaces should be your routine task.


Wear Warm Clothes:

Dress warmly and do layered clothing for protection from outer wind. Cover your body completely with hat, gloves, scarf, and waterproof footwear. If you notice the chilly and windy weather, cover as much of your open areas as you can like nose, fingers, ears, and toes which loose heat the fastest.


Precaution For Outdoors:

Spending time outdoor for winter sports or travelling is a joyful experience for many of us. Even when you are out for sport or work, take safety measures. You should have the cell phone working properly, fully charged. Wear tight clothes with a waterproof coat to be protected from water. It is better not to go out alone, keep an emergency kit. You surely prefer to be at home but if there is any outdoor chore work slowly, it will take time but keep your body away from exhaustion.


Be Ready For Emergencies:

For emergencies, it is good if you have stock of batteries. Be alert to the current weather and keep your cell phone charged. Nobody can live without food, stock such foods that need no refrigeration and cooking in clean containers and boxes. Place your generators, grills, and camp stoves away from the house.


When Plan To Travel:

When you have the plans to travel, be alert of current and forecast weather condition. Inform relative or friend about the route and expected time of arrival. After every hour, run the card engine for 10 minutes to keep it in running condition.


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