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Published March 22 2018, By Alo Maids

Useful Guide for Pest Control naturally

Pest invasion in the home is a nightmare for most of us. There may be ants, mice, fruit flies and other pests and getting rid of these is crucial before they build uncontrollably and cause big troubles for you.

Here are the methods of pest control using common household items or simple tips that prevent you from screaming from fear when seeing a cockroach or a mouse while roaming around for midnight snack in your kitchen!


The cockroaches:

Take a bottle and fill a little amount of water in it. Add few drops of oil and place a fruit piece in the bottle. Keep the bottle at the favourite spots of cockroaches. Attracted by the fruit, once the cockroach gets inside the bottle, there will be no way out and its only fate will be drowning!

The killer mixture of borax and icing sugar is useful to kill the cockroaches. Add three tbs of borax powder and one tbs of icing sugar. You may wonder that what the purpose of sugar is, be calm, the sugar is just as a bait and borax is the real killer for these insects.



The ‘killer borax with icing sugar’ work for the ants too. Ants can spoil your food so it is imperative to get rid of them.

Thankfully there are many ingredients in the kitchen which can help greatly to deter ants like cinnamon, paprika, cloves, coffee grounds and peppermint. Put these in the places where you noticed the nesting as well as the entering spots. The strong smell keeps this crawlies away from your home.


The mice:

The best way to eliminate your house from the mice is the traps. You have two options whether catch as many mice in the traps you can and release at the place away from your house.

Or you can put a piece of any fruit or bread with rat killing powder on it and place in the cage. When eating that poisonous piece of food, the mice will die and you can dump in the trash or any faraway place. But beware while opting for the second method if you have kids as they may eat that poisonous fruit.

You can prevent mice from entering in your house again by closing the holes and fill the crack through aluminium foil or copper wool.


Fruit flies:

These tiny insects can be killed by drowning. Mix dish soap and vinegar in a bowl and leave it. The flies will be attracted by the vinegar and eventually get drowned.

Cleaning is the perfect way to prevent these buzzy flies nesting and breeding in your home. Do not put the food leftovers uncovered and try cleaning the basin and towels frequently.


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