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Published February 16 2018, By Alo Maids

Is office making you sick?

9-5 office routine is the major and ‘daunting’ part of our lives. Although many have discovered flexible hours of working from any place but a large population still works toil in the office for up to eight hours or even more. Ever noticed an increase in the sick leaves piled up at your desk or your colleagues are often caught by the diseases like flu, fatigue or any other? Sure you have. Office sickness is a real problem which is caused by the dirty desks and dusty office.

The frequent sickness of your staff could be the major reason for low productivity and incomplete tasks at the end of the day. The importance of office cleaning is undeniable. A clutter free and neat office environment have encouraging effects on the mood of the staff that influence them to work keenly.


Ways to eliminate the problem:

1- Use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions:

Most of the cleaning solutions are toxic and create nasty fumes. Your office should be cleaned of such odours to retain the office environment fresh. Use of the cleaning agents having a high percentage of VOC (volatile organic compounds) is harmful to the health, therefore choose green solutions for cleaning. Using environment-friendly cleaning solution will make you feel good in a refreshing office area.


2- Appreciate hand washing:

Always keep a sanitizer in your drawer or make hand washing a habit. Germs are transmitted from one person to another through dirty hands so wash your hands regularly. Touching your face with dirty hands also cause skin problems so stay away from the nasty germs and encourage hand washing. A touch-free dispenser is a good way to keep the overall office environment clean.


3- Keep your desk clean:

Your office should have a bulk stock of cleaning cloth, wipes and disinfectants. We do not realize that a disorganized and cluttered desk helps in nesting the germs too. An arranged desk not only mitigates the chances of sickness but also improves the productivity.


4- Door mats:

Door mats are the best to trap dust and allergens from the shoes but dirty dust mats are of no use. Instead of cleaning, they become the source of spreading grim and dust all over the office. Clean the mats frequently and wisely place them to ensure cleaning.


5- Frequent scheduling of cleaning and maintenance services:

Scheduling the cleaning services should be your priority. The circulation of poor quality air is due to inefficient AC or dirty filters which make the office feel and smell dirty and also imparts bad effects on the health of your staff. Regular cleaning of the office equipment and systems will aid you in extending their lifespan and improves the environment of the office, making you and your staff satisfied.


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