Published December 26 2017, By Alo Maids

Objects That Should Not Be Cleaned By Vinegar

Everyone seeks for cheap and home-made cleaning agents that cost less but do the best. No doubt some of the kitchen ingredients are champion of cleaning the objects at home but using them carefully is the matter of priority. Like vinegar, an ingredient that is renown for cleaning but do not ever think to mix it with other agents like bleach as mixing with bleach will produce a toxic gas. Have a look at following, you will get an idea that what should be kept away from vinegar or should not be cleaned with the vinegar.


1- For Laundry Choose the type of Vinegar Wisely:

You may heard that vinegar remove the odor out of your clothes and bleach them but this is half-truth and applicable if you use white distilled vinegar. For apple and other types of vinegar, your fabric will get dirty as it does not clean the clothes.


2- Do not use Vinegar for Aluminium and Iron Cleaning:

Chemistry is a magic which if comes to your aluminium or metal objects with vinegar, may bring disastrous reactions. These metals react quickly with acids and corrode them. You can clean other materials like a pro with vinegar as enameled iron and stainless steel.


 3- Vinegar is not for Cleaning Marble and Granite: 

Granite, marble and other stones do no go well when it comes to cleaning with any acid, vinegar, lemon, or ammonia. Lukewarm water and a soapy detergent can clean the smooth stone surfaces instead. The science behind this is the corrosion, an acid does to the stone. For the polishing purpose of the stone tile, the woolen cloth will be great.


4- Vinegar is Inappropriate for Greasy Dishes:

Vinegar does not cut the grease off your dishes. Most of the soaps and detergents are alkaline and upon combining with grease forms an emulsion thus removes the grease easily. On the other side, vinegar decomposes the minerals as ‘stone natured’ materials but should not be the choice for greasy dishes.


 5- Some Stains do not remove with Vinegar: 

Stubborn stains like blood, egg, ink, ice cream and grass stains cannot be removed by vinegar. If you have cleaned them with vinegar, then a sticky mass can be formed which is more difficult to clean. It is because of the coagulation between protein and vinegar.


6- Vinegar fade the Glow of your Wooden Furniture: 

Window frames made of wood and wooden furniture are often polished with wax for giving a matte glow to them. Vinegar decomposes the wax, therefore, remove that beautiful soft shine from the furniture and other accessories.

Want to remove that old wax polish from your furniture, using brush apply vinegar and leave it for 20 minutes then finally wipe with the dry cloth. Here your old polish from the furniture removed.


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