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Published January 22 2018, By alomaids

The most neglected and less cleaned areas of your home

There are many benefits of a clean house. It creates a pleasurable feeling, sense of relaxation and above all, your family and kids will remain far away from harmful diseases. Usually, we keep our place clean but some areas in the house get success in hiding from our sight while doing routine cleaning. Dust builds and germs nest in such areas easily and to keep the surrounding environment safe, it is vital to clean these areas in periodic time.

Below are some neglected areas of the home that requires proper and deep cleaning.


Framed picture collages on walls:

Framed pictures on the wall are always been a lovely décor. But with time these pictures get dust which does not feel very dirty but on a closer look, a layer of dust is visible on the upper side and front surface of the picture frame. You can do the cleaning of collages weekly or as suitable for you to have a shiny and adorable collage!


Ceiling and ceiling fans:

These are mostly overlooked. Your fan collects dust and grim on the blades whether running or not. Using a duster, the superficial dust can be removed. If you want the fan cleaner, take a soft cloth and soak it in the mixture of water and dishwashing solution. Gently rub the lower part. But be careful of the wires and the fan must be off! After cleaning with soap solution, wipe the blades with the cloth that is soaked in water.


Curtains and blinds:

Washing curtains is usually a headache but to get rid of grime and make the curtains adding value to your décor, it is crucial to clean your curtains. First dust off the curtains and then wash in the machine depending on the material. Similarly, for blinds use multi-purpose solution or wash them in washing machine.



Corners of the window often get dust stains. From inside and outside, dirty and spotted windows make the overall appearance of the house dull. You can clean the windows easily with multi-purpose solutions.


Handles and knobs:

Door handles and knobs are the dirtiest parts of the home especially if you have kids. Bathroom and kitchen handles or knobs build many germs and if not cleaned often, they could be the permanent home for germs. Disinfect the knobs of cupboards and door handles after finishing the chores to keep yourself and your family safe from noxious diseases.


Small showpieces in showpiece corner:

Large showpieces can be easily cleaned but small and delicate showpieces often escape our sight during cleaning. Mark your calendar and dust off the small showpieces that are placed at the corners. Or else the decoration pieces that you bought for adding décor will add the ugly look of the room.


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