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Published May 10 2018, By alomaids

Microfiber Technology – a recently developed Cleaning method


Made from the combination of polyester and nylon, the unique design of microfiber has made it a king of cleaning. It has become a popular technology for cleaning and leaves only a clean and shiny surface. The microfibers are joined in a way which creates spaces in between. It permits the dirt to trap inside it rather than just moving the dirt from one place to another. It is more efficient and traps more dirt than the conventional dusting cloth.


How microfiber technology helps you?

Microfiber technology is beneficial for you in these ways. From every aspect, either cleanliness or hygiene, it is the perfect product for all your dusting needs.


1- Eco-friendly and good for hygiene:

The traditional cleaning and mopping ways are not the wise choice if you are using them for long times. Regular mops require the cleaning solution additionally which increase the use of chemicals. Moreover, the labour is double as first you have to sweep then mop which needs more time to dry. Microfiber does the cleaning, drying and polishing all at once.

The level of hygiene it provides is paramount.


2- Achieve high-level cleanliness:

It removes most of the bacteria (99.9%) and it is three times higher than the traditional cleaning cloths. The small individual fibres when rub on the surface produces static charge which sucks up the dirt. Due to its dirt catching ability, it is called as a strong magnet for dust.

When mopping the floor or cleaning a surface you have to change the water more than once which consumes more time and effort. This technology uses a very little water to clean so at the end you do not have to wait for drying.

It is like ‘Clean and done in one hit’.


3- Time saving and efficient in working:

Microfibers are efficient in working, therefore, saves you precious time.  It is light in weight so that you feel relaxed while mopping or dusting with it. They are lighter in weight so you can do more with less tiring and repeated tasks like filing the bucket again and again etc.

The product is of high quality and thus it keeps the surface polished and away from the scratches. With traditional clothes, the rubbing of the grime during cleaning scratches the surfaces which are invisible but leads to early repairs but that’s not the case with microfiber.


4- Useful in a long run:

It can be washed and cleaned more than 300 times. It means that it can give the same level of quality cleaning for a long time. Not only for the small scales but it is equally efficient for large-scale cleaning.


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