Published May 12 2018, By Alo Maids

7 Kitchen Gadgets that will make Life easier

The modern equipment and gadgets already have made a place in many kitchens. But out of many gadgets, it becomes hard to choose the best which are multi-purpose and frequently needed equipment for you.

In this blog you can read about the kitchen gadgets that are the ‘vital signs’ of every kitchen.


Cake Tester:

Are guests in your house and you are going to serve them that popular cake of yours they love? If you are just a baking beginner, chances are there that your cake might be little liquid from inside. But how to check the cake without damaging it?

A cake tester will save you and your cake here. It is slim and smart with a holder and needle which you have to insert in the cake. Check by placing it on your inner wrist. If cold means not done, warm indicates near to cook and hot means yeah you are ready to serve with confidence!


Vegetable chopper:

Chopping the vegetables is a time-consuming process. What if some electric chopper comes and chops your vegetable in few minutes?

That would be great! Vegetable chopper is available as manual or electric. Some electric choppers can cut the large volume of vegetables. It is available with many blades and the electric gadget is dishwasher save.



Are you a health-conscious then food steamer is the best choice for you. It helps you to make oil-free healthy and full of nutrients food.

The hot kitchen becomes unbearable for the cookers and the good news is that steamer releases less heat thus helps you to keep the kitchen cool in hot summer days which are the longest season in the Middle East.


Bullet blenders:

You may think of the bullet speed after reading the name? Well it’s quite true that they are high-speed blenders but the shape also resembles the bullet and this is another reason behind its name.

A single set has many sizes that fulfil all of your needs. The washing is also easy than the traditional blender as you do not need to be extra careful to prevent any cut from the blade of a blender.


Rice cooker:

Rice cooker are available with varying features but these are still the saver for you. Cooking rice is a little hard task as you have to keep the exact water level and sit in the corner until they are done.

Rice cooker allows your rice to cook perfectly each time, not remains uncooked neither remains too soft. The body is usually of stainless steel with the given timer and it automatically turns off after done.

Like these amazing kitchen gadgets?


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