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Published February 25 2018, By Alo Maids

7 incredible Cleaning and Organization Hacks

The cleaning and organization hacks work as a blessing as they help to get rid of the messy and cluttered space. Old stuff can be reused in order to keep things at the right place to make the home as good as we always want it. A clean and neat place effects in a positive manner on the mental health and uplifts your mood. The best thing is, you do not need to take much time to apply these hacks because the things that are going to be reused already present in the house and you just have to use it for another purpose.

Check out these new organization and cleaning hacks to make your daily routine tasks simpler and easier!


1- Magazine holders are new storage solutions:

Magazine holders are not just meant to hold magazines, there are other uses too. Fix the holder to your cabinet and now it can be your new storage for bathroom products. It can also be used for keeping other items.


2- Use toilet paper roll for messy wires:

While using electronic devices and appliances you cannot get rid of messy and tangled wires! Toilet paper roll will keep the wires in place and prevent any damage to them caused by unnecessary folds and twists. Labeling on each role will make it easy for you to identify.


3- Cardboards as drawer divider:

Are you going to put old cartons in the trash? Stop, use them to make dividers of the drawer. You can put makeup, jewellery, ties and lots of other stuff in it.


4- Blinder clips are multi-purpose storage solutions:

For open bags of food, blinders clips are great for storing them either in the fridge under the shelf or your drawer. Thread the charger wires through these clips, use as a razor cover, a cup holder or keep the table cover in place on a windy day by attaching the clips at the edges of the table.


5- Towel rods for the lids of utensil:

Use the vertical space of your kitchen by attaching towel rods on the wall and keep the lids of pots and pans at an accessible place.


6- Coffee ground to get rid of nasty smell:

We all know that coffee grounds are smell remover. Take one or two spoons of coffee grounds and spread in the fridge, shoes and your drawer. Next day you will not find any bad odour.


7- Ice tub for jewellery:

Small and delicate jewellery that are used in daily routine like office can be placed in an ice cube tub. In this way, you will never lose any of them and keep them safe from interlacing.

Use these hacks to make your day good with much spare time left. There is nothing better than enjoying free time with friends and family. Alomaids is a cleaning company in Dubai. It renders proficient cleaning services in Dubai through experienced and reliable maids. The expert cleaners understand the needs and work accordingly to deliver quality service each time.

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