Published March 11 2018, By Alo Maids

How to remove different types of Stains?

With the easy and simple methods of stain removal, you can be safe from throwing your kid’s shirt having mud or grass stain or your favourite pants stained with fruit juice.

Daily use ingredients and other common items are already in your house as stain saver so use these to fight with tough stains.


Fruit juice:

Two methods are applicable for the removal of juice stains.

Mix one tablespoon of the soap solution to one ounce of water and apply on the stain. Leave it for few minutes and rinse the item. If the stain remains, try the second method that is ammonia. Use a towel that is soaked in warm water and blot on the stain.



This type of stain can be removed using the hydrogen peroxide. Make the cloth wet and apply the hydrogen peroxide on the stain. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse with water. The stain will be removed magically!

For the wet stain, dab it with the ammonia. It can also use for dry blood stains. Soak the cloth in salt water for few hours and rinse with the ammonia solution.


Sauces and ketchup:

You may trouble a lot when the kids make their cloth dirty with ketchup or sauce. Using white vinegar will make the stain lighter. The next step is soaking of the cloth in warm water and wash with the dishwashing soap.



For ballpoint stain, rubbing alcohol is the best. Apply using the toothbrush. Let it dry and finally, rinse with the dish soap solution. Grab your hairspray! Place the paper towel under the spray and start spraying until complete soaking. Let it rest for few seconds and then blot the satin with other clean cloth.

Repeat the cycle until complete stain removal and wash with the enzyme detergent.



You can get rid of the makeup mark using makeup items!

Don’t get surprised and keep reading,

For nail polish, first, place the paper towel that faces down the stained side and applies nail removal on the upper side. Keep the stain soaked with the alcohol and replace the paper towel with new when the old one becomes completely wet.

For Lipstick, apply the hairspray and let it stay for 10 minutes. Wipe with clean cloth to remove any residue.

For foundation, soak the cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and apply on the stain.



Apply the detergent directly on the fibre and rub. Wash off the detergent. Diluted white vinegar is used to make the stain lighter. If the stain got fade then re-apply the vinegar until complete cleaning of the stain.


Now stains will not give you the trouble anymore.

Follow these tips using the common household items for getting rid of the tough stains.


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