Published February 16 2018, By Alo Maids

You cannot imagine how these household items clean your house

You must hear about the magical cleaning solutions available in the marke that claim to make your house sparkle but they also put heavy burden on the pocket due to high cost.  Even if they are of low price ,why use these chemicals having harmful ingredients instead of common household items for cleaning purpose.

Yes you read it right,  the household items!

Automated machines and vacuum are no doubt bestowing the best cleaning but it feels pleasure in saving money and the energy by using simple items present in your kitchen, bathroom or drawers.


Kitchen rolls and iron:

Candles are used nowadays to add aesthetic look to the place while the refreshing fragrance makes the environment much better. It may happen that the candle wax just get onto your carpet. Soon it becomes hard and its removal is getting difficult without any damage to your beloved carpet. Grab kitchen roll and plug in your iron. When you put few sheets of kitchen roll with heated iron on it,  the wax will melt and stick to the sheet,  leaving no stain behind.



Why let your old newspapers go waste when you can reuse them. Got piles of newspapers? Then start your cleaning mission with water soaked newspapers. You can clean the spillage as newspaper has great absorbing nature that suck up the liquid in few seconds.

Add few drops of vinegar in water and soak the newspaper from this solution. Now a cleaning agent is ready to clean your floors and windows.


Essential oils:

Generally these oils are well known for the relaxing aroma and also used in the medical treatment. The other use of essential oils is cleaning. Use either the peppermint oil or the lavender oil for your kitchen and protect it from insects. Kitchen counters can also be cleaned by adding few drops of oil in water.



Really? Don’t be surprised. Its true that the small grains of rice are best to dirt off the grim. Narrow necked jars and vases are difficult to clean. All you have to do is take a handful of rice and put in the vase or jar you want to clean. Add water and few drops of dish washer. Shake the container, vase or the object you want to clean and the dirt will scrub away.


Paint brush:

Almost every house has unique and antique decoration pieces that have elegant and fine carving on them. These gorgeous ornaments have usually special polish so it is adviced to keep them away from water. Here paint brushes act as a saver! Simply take any paint brush and brush off the dirt. The soft bristles of the brushes are perfect to clean the beautiful objects.


Next time if someone starts convincing you about purchasing the new ‘magical’ cleaning solution, ignore that as you already know the best ways of cleaning through common household items. Alomaids – cleaning company Dubai offers quality cleaning services Dubai through reliable and efficient maids in Dubai.

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