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Published December 16 2017, By alomaids

Clever Home Organization Hacks

Create a nice space in the house is about smart organization hacks. Enough of the clutter you have strewed around your room. It’s time to get rid of this scattered stuff which gives the look that some sort of high-intensity storm has hit the home. Kids in the house mean more disorganization and continuous cleaning of the house. So what is the solution? Are you thinking of purchasing new objects that keep your house clean? Truthfully it will cost you much. No need to spend the money when simple hacks are here for work out.


Name the Spices Jars: 

All the spices, herbs, nuts, and seeds are usually kept together. You will surely get your head into hectic when taking out each of the jars before you found the desired one. Marker or chalk is the simplest solution, write the name at the jar top and when you open the drawer everything seems to be arranged and organized.  It makes it possible for you to look once and know which jar to put out. 

Another bright idea is chalkboard paint. You can paint the jar tops and write the names with chalk. Whenever you want to remove and rename it, you can do it with no stress.


Pegboards in Drawer: 

Pegboard organizer works on a simple rule. The pegs can be rearranged helps you to put the desired utensil in it. You will not feel yourself bound and can make room in that pegboard for the specific utensil. You just have to take out the pegs, fix in the required hole and space will become smaller or larger able to keep small plates or big dishes easily.


Organize With PVC Pipes: 

Hollow PVC pipes will be the ruler of your closet. Small clothing stuff like a tie, scarfs, tank top and others can be placed in small pieces of the PVC pipe. To make the closet more adorable, paint it with different colors as you like and place them adjacent to each other. You can make the pipes distinct by painting, pipes having different colors as blue in which you store tie or red where scarfs are kept.


Spend Money on Special Hangers That Prevent the Falling of Clothes? No Way! 

The hardest situation is when your hanger is unable to handle your clothes. Each time you open the closet and some of your shirts will be stacked over each other in the cupboard. If you have a small closet, this hard situation can drive you crazy. Special hangers are available in the market but who is going to buy them when a pipe cleaner can keep your clothes in the hanger well.


Place the Garden Tools on Pallet:

Got an organized home? Now it’s time for backyard or garden. Old pallets can be used for storing shovels and rakes. Place the old pallet against the wall and put shovels in it.

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