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Published March 13 2018, By Alo Maids

Does your Cold Room smell bad?

Search on the Google and you find many blogs and pieces of information related to home refrigerator cleaning. Useful and great tips are given for the home refrigerators or deep freezers cleaning through household items.

But what about the cleaning of commercial refrigerators? These big monsters store the food and other items at the required cool temperature. The size, maintenance, function and design, all are different from a home fridge. This makes it difficult to clean and maintain. Professional cleaning services can help in deep clean the commercial cold rooms which improve the efficiency for long period of time.


What causes the bad smell in cold room?

The items placed in these walk-in cold rooms are in a large quantity that is used for manufacturing purpose or for sale. You cannot afford the spoilage or expiration these items as it means the drainage of a handsome amount of your money. 

The mould and pathogens are the real causes of nasty smell in the commercial cold rooms that are required to be eradicated immediately to keep the products safe. Due to its big size, more moisture tends to build up which at the end produce moulds. The reduced function of vents in the area gradually increases the moisture content rather than keeping the circulation of fresh air.

The nesting of the mould is a slow process but pathogens which emit gases have high growth speed and they spoil the stuff quicker than the mould.


What to do for that smell?

Scheduling the frequent professional cleaning service keeps the bad situation away. The deep cleaning of the whole space including vents, cooling systems, refrigerators and floors helps in purging the area of any mould and growing pathogens.  The air quality also improves which removes the bad air too.

A new technology called as superheated dry steam is great for the usage on large scale. The high moisture control by this technology makes it good for medicinal purpose where moisture control is a critical parameter. It sucks up the moisture and mould, sanitizing the whole area completely.

Superheated dry steam is a single solution for dual problems of moisture and mould.



Cleaning and maintaining the area bring a good change in the appearance and efficiency of the machinery. It reduces the chances of tips and falls which cost high when it comes to repairing or installation of the new machine. It saves you from these expenses that affect your budget at the end.

Industrial areas have frequent checks and visits. Dirty and smelly cold rooms create a bad reputation and raise a mark on your efficiency. Scheduling the cleaning service builds your credibility as highly professional and it is beneficial from the business point of view.


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