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Published November 8 2017, By alomaids

Declutter Your Kitchen

It would be impossible to clean your kitchen without throwing all that trash you see everyday in cabinets or on refrigerator. Open your cabinet and you will find a pack of porridge with other snack packets fall down each morning or it is like eternity to get your pickle jar as it is placed behind unused jars and boxes.

Take a quick look on your refrigerator too, what does it look like? An appliance with greasy top covered with empty bottles, drawing papers, useless slips or other stuff that should be thrown in trash long ago. No matter how much effort you put to clean the clutter but daily the kitchen depicts a picture of disorganized area that needs urgent cleaning.


Get Ready For Decluttering:

Grab your thoughts of how to manage the kitchen, don’t let them clutter like your kitchen. For decluttering you will need big sized garbage bags and boxes(put labels on them for your ease). The tools and washing cloth must be on your counter. Fill the sink with soapy hot water to get rid of greasy items quickly.


Keep It As One Step At A Time:

Don’t think that you are master in multitasking when its about the kitchen. Declutter the cabinets one by one. Take out the items and put them in trash box, relocation box and sale box accordingly. Done cleaning the first cabinet? Now move towards the second one. Oh yes, one more thing, if you have any second thoughts of keeping dozen of empty bottles for reuse, throw that thought too in the dustbin! With them you can’t be able to set your kitchen.


Think Logically:

When you finish with the filling of bags and boxes, take a last look at them and ask yourself a simple question: is all the stuff is placed in right place or does there any pan or utensil that can be used again? But warning! Think logically, do you really need that object or not! How frequent this item is used? Last time when you cook in them? Last year, last month, last week or yesterday? These will give you perfect answers! Now follow your brain what it says and reset the items.


Focus On Good: Give To Charity:

There may be a teakettle, a bread maker, sandwich maker or utensils that are not used much or you want to replace them with new. Give them to charity instead of throwing. For a family hardly make living, your charity given objects will provide a lot more comfort to them. So decide to help others, and it will really feel so good.


Working Alone Is Better:

Decide to take help from any family member or spouse? No! The more focused you are, the better way you will do the work. Too many suggestions can distract your mind and result will be nothing good. Kitchen decluttering requires more energy so turn the key to activate yourself to the most active mode and let the decluttering begins!

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