Published May 11 2018, By Alo Maids

5 things that should be included in your daily cleaning schedule

Oh God, there goes few more things added to my daily home chores! After reading the title, you may think the same way but have faith, it’s for your own good.

Nobody likes a dirty place, not even you. Cleaning the dishes or making your bed is not mammoth tasks but these will make a great difference for you. Few things need our attention more than the others and doing these 5 home chores you can change the overall appearance of your home as clean or tidy the whole day.


Do the dishes:

A stack of dirty dishes in the sink. Caution! At first, it may give you a headache but after finishing the dishwashing, your kitchen will look much better.

Besides the appearance and obnoxious look, the washing of the dirty dishes becomes a daunting task for the next morning. It may take more efforts to clean the tough stains so make a habit of cleaning the dishes after every meal.


Spillages and crumbles on the floor:

Ketchup spillage or crumbles on the floor is like an open invitation to the cockroaches and other insects. Want these in your kitchen? Surely you don’t want to!

It’s not even a difficult task to clean or swipe the food pieces which fall on the floor during cooking. Clean the remnants every night or after cooking, it will keep your kitchen or home safe from the insects or bugs.


Make your sweet bed:

Dirty and smelly bed sheets are the nest for bugs which can disturb your sweet sleep. Make your bed every morning when you wake up and before going to bed.

A nice sleep requires a tidy, clean and the bed which smell fresh and it’s just a matter of few seconds to make a perfect bed for a great sleep.


Kitchen counters:

Cleaning of the kitchen counters is a crucial task which should be completed daily. Swipe your counters with a sponge and wipe it so that the next morning when you enter in the kitchen, it will look all clean and clutter free.

If you wash the cleaning towels or sponges at night then the kitchen chores will be easier the next day. Kitchen a vital area of any home and its cleaning should not be overlooked.



Whether it is bathroom sink or the kitchen sink, many germs and bacteria stick to its walls. Dirt and grime leave behind on the basin wall after you clean the dishes or wash your face or hands.

Sink cleaning is easier than you think. Clean with the sponge and fill the sink with warm water for 5 minutes to remove any grease. Drain the water and you are done!


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