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Published January 4 2018, By alomaids

Is Indoor Cleaning Done? It’s Time For Outdoors

Outdoor is the area of the house outside the boundary of a living place but when it’s time to cleaning we ‘out-consider’ that space completely until kids make the indoor floor dingy when entering the home. Backyard or the patio areas also provide the best access to a delightful and fun barbeque party in summers so what you will prefer? Happily, prepare for the family gathering or behold your outer paved area dis-quietly? The first option will be wise and worthy to choose!
Let’s have a little useful talk about outdoor house cleaning.


Roll Up Your Sleeves and Begin With Windows:

Outdoor glass windows and doors highlight the backyard décor or they can make the overall area dull. Do not chase the expensive window cleaners based on chemicals! Your households can help you in cleaning and give a finishing look to outdoor. Take a small bucket and mix little quantity of dishwasher, baby shampoo, and vinegar in water. Glass windows, décor glass fixtures, and glass table can be cleaned by this solution. Wipe again with water soaked soft cloth and dry them.


Now Next Clean the Patio Furniture:

One tablespoon of borax, 1 tablespoon of dish-washing detergent in a quart of warm water is suitable for all types of patio furniture cleaning. Gently rub until cleans with a soft sponge as any scrubber will scratch the plastic furniture. For chairs and umbrellas made of canvas which is washable so put them in the machine.


Patio Cleaning:

Everything on the patio is done? Place the furniture and other décor to a safe place where no splash of water can damage your furniture. Sweep to remove the grim and for final cleaning, different solutions are used for different materials as:

  • Brick or stone based patio tends to damage if rub roughly. To save your stone floor from ruining, use soft fabric. Another option is soft nylon broom, after cleaning rinse with water thoroughly.
  • Concrete is strong so there is no constraint in using hot water or stiff broom. The cleaning solution for your concrete patio is simply dishwashing liquid and baking soda in hot water. Remove the dirt with a broom, baking soda added will make it easy for you. Finally, rinse with water.
  • Wooden patios are hard to clean as acidic or any other concentrated solution can damage it. Green solutions available at stores will be your ‘wooden patio saver’ during cleaning.


Fire-pit and Grill Cleaning:

Barbeques and summer go side by side so make sure your grills and fire pits are cleaned and prepared. Instructions are provided by the manufacturer so follow them and don’t forget to check the fuel tank for gas. If it is simple wood burning, clean the ashes and grills with wiping at the end.
Here it is ready for a barbeque!


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