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Published October 10 2017, By alomaids

Cleaning mistakes you might be making:

Here are 8 cleaning mistakes that you might be making. Avoid these while cleaning to prevent undue damage to your home.


Not cleaning your sponge:

Clean your sponge on daily basis as if you stop cleaning them they become stinky and dirty, while cleaning your dishes and counter with dirty sponge spread bacteria. To prevent your sponges from spreading germs, you have to sanitize them by putting the wet sponge in the microwave for one minute on high as microwaving is sufficient to kill bacteria.


Using feather dusters:

Avoid using a feather duster to clean the dust because cleaning with a feather duster can only spread dust from one surface to another. Instead of using feather duster, use a microfiber cloth that can tackle dust nicely. And after cleaning wash or replace it.


Not following instructions:

It’s necessary to read the label instructions and product manuals before using any product. Most of injuries and damages occur in relation to cleaning products are a result of not reading the instructions properly. Not following instructions means never getting the best results of the products you use.


Neglecting your dustbin:

If you are not cleaning your dustbin it will end up with a nasty smell. Even though you’re covering your bin with a plastic bag, inescapably food and liquid might come into contact with the container. At Least, wipe it down once a week with a cleaner containing bleach to keep unpleasant odours under control.


Directly spraying on furnitures:

Spraying directly on furnitures creates buildup which attracts even more dust. To avoid this, spray on any cleaning cloth with the cleaner, then rub the cloth on dusty surface.


Not emptying the vacuum:

If you forget emptying your vacuum, you’ll end up pushing dirt around. Vacuum cleaners can only perform well when they are emptied on a regular basis, emptying it every few days helps in maintaining its suction power, which then provide faster cleaning.


Over loading the dishwasher:

Putting too many dishes and utensils in your dishwasher could impact your appliance’s ability to reach every item with soap and water, in results they won’t get clean.


Putting wet toilet brush in the holder:

One of the biggest cleaning mistake we made is putting the wet toilet brush in holder. Storing a wet toilet brush provide a breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s important to let the brush dry completely before placing it in the holder.


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