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Published January 14 2018, By Alo Maids

Clean Your Fridge Without Using Chemicals

Open the fridge and feel that pesky and strong smell of gunk on the packs placed at the back? Fridge is used as a storage appliance and we do not pay attention to neither its arrangement or nor its cleaning. We keep food in fridge that’s why from hygiene point of view fridge should be kept clean to prevent the growth of mold and maintain its efficiency to the highest level. Chemical usage in the fridge is not safe so here we give you the tips of cleaning your fridge in three simple stages.


1- Fridge emptying:

Unplug it:

Dealing with an electrical appliance is scary so it is better if you unplug it. You can save energy when you are required to do a deep cleaning. But when the socket is out of your reach as behind the fridge then there is no problem! You just have to turn your fridge to its highest temperature setting.

Take out every food item:

Remove every item out of the fridge carefully. If any ‘food can’ needs extra cooling then put in in the cooler filled with ice. Wipe the container that you took out.

Separate expired items:

As you are removing the items from fridge then look at the expiry dates on them. Some may have moulds on it but do not worry, you can clean that.

Remove trays:

Many fridges have removable compartments and trays so keep them out and it’s better to wash them. This will stain out the stubborn blemishes and enables you to completely clean them from edges.


2- Cleaning process:

Clean mold:

There are many ways to clean the appliances from inside like distilled white vinegar or bleach which will remove mildew and mold. Borax mixed in water can act as the ‘saver’ from molds if apply and leave it without wiping. Tea tree oil can do the same plus it smells nice too!

Gunk removal:

It is a sticky paste and is a ‘trademark’ of dirty fridges. Add baking soda in water and form a thick paste. Brush thick layer inside where gunk is present and allow it to dry. You can use any sharp edge object for its removal. (Be careful while using knife as it will damage the body of fridge)

Outside cleaning:

Soap in warm water or a solution of vinegar and water can clean the outside of stainless steel fridge.


3- It’s done:

Freshen it:

In the last stage all you have to do is, make it smell good! Mix coffee ground in the baking soda in a bowl and left it in the fridge for a while.

Put back all the items:

Change the plastic bags of food items if they got dirty or sticky and place everything in the fridge back.

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