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Published September 30 2017, By alomaids

Best ways to prevent dirt from accumulating on floors:

Dust is made up of all kinds of particles including dead skin cells, fibers from cloth or paper and dirt mites, etc. Dust can lead to allergy and other health problems.

You cannot prevent dust from entering your home, but you can prevent them from affecting you. You can make your environment better by following these simple tips from ALO MAIDS:


1- Use Entrance mats:

Entrance mat is the first and foremost preventive measure in your cleaning process. Doormats in front of your doors provide you to clean your shoes before entering the house, which help to reduce the amount of dirt, germs and bacteria you take inside. keep your mats clean all the time, wash them on a regular basis and dust them off regularly.


2- Take off shoes outside the house:

Most of the dirt that gets tracked over floors comes from outdoor dirt and grime that stick on your shoes. At the door, set out a basket or cabinet for slippers and encourage your family members to take off shoes outside the door. It help in reduction of dust in the home, as well as of allergens and bacteria.


3- Vacuum the floors:

Vacuum the most often used areas of floor once or twice a week, vacuuming frequently cuts down dust build up under the furniture and in corners. Be sure to change your vacuum filter frequently.


4- Sweep and Mop the floor:

Sweep the floor everyday to get rid of the dust and toss out the dust in your garbage to make sure it doesn’t re-enter your home. Mop your floors frequently to keep them clean. When you clean more often, you reduce the accumulation of dust on floor and your surroundings will be fresh all the time.


5- Air purifiers:

Air purifiers clean the air by trapping dust particles present in air and Air purifiers are great for people with dust allergies.

Having the right filters can make improvement in everyday dust settlement and make sure to clean the filters regularly to avoid the mold growth.


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