Published May 26 2019, By Alo Maids

5 Best House-Cleaning Hacks

A spotless home is just a second away! 
5 Best Cleaning Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind  For Sure!


On average, people spend nearly 40 minutes a day cleaning their homes. And, most people eager to use that time for enjoyable activities, outing or relaxation rather than find dusting their baseboards or scrubbing their ovens akin to bliss.
Providentially, there is a hope: Alomaid’s genius house cleaning tricks will make your home twice as clean in half the time.


1) Use Ammonia for Easy Cleaning of your Stove Burner

Research concludes that a number of 41% of all home fires ofcourse start in the kitchen, perhaps as a result of faulty stove.
Propitiously, annihilating some of the grease and sludge on your burners can help you stay safer in the long run. The best and easy way to clean it is pop off those burner parts, put them in large sandwich bag with a quarter of ammonia – shouldn’t let them be swimming in the stuff and then close up the bags. Leave them soak whole night and in the next morning you can simply wipe off that sludge easily.

2) Use Sticky Lint Roller to Dust your Surfaces


People say dusting is an imperfect art and they say right. Nevertheless, when you need to pick up that handful craft glitter your kids spilled, you have pet and pet hairs off a lampshade, or just grab some dust, this sticky lint roller does that with easy trick and fast.

3) Clean your Microwave via Steam


Your left over macaroni is going to take a lot of elbow grease to remove since you tried to heat up. Fortunately, a little steam can make the job a way easier. The process is you just simply fill a microwave-safe bowl with a few tablespoon of white vinegar and cup of water, and nuke on high for a few minutes. Microwave will quickly steam up, then clean it afterwards when those caked messes a breeze.

4) Cleaning Blinds with your Vacuum


Cleaning blinds is one the most time taken task as than we expect. Cleaning blinds is often a thankless task. To make it easier and quicker, the technique is use upholstery attachment on your vacuum as substitute, and that dust will be done for in seconds. Alternatively, you can also wipe them off and give your home a clean scent by putting a dryer sheet in a pair of tongue and giving them a swipe.

5) Use Baking Soda to Un-Scratch your Plates


A slip of spoon, fork or knife and suddenly you have got a stack of unsightly scratched plates in your kitchen.  Alomaid’s cutlery cleaning trick will luckily make your plates look brand new again with some baking soda. All you need is to simply prepare a paste of baking soda and water, rub it into scratches thoroughly, and in no time, your dishes will look good as new.

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