Why Choose Us?


Alo Maids is one of the leading cleaning companies in Dubai

Service Quality

Our maids are thoroughly trained to become the best maids in Dubai.

We ask of our maids to perform quality checks when they have completed their work, and that of their colleagues, to ensure that you receive the best quality clean possible. 


As we directly employ our own maids we are able to pick and choose only the most skilled professionals in the area who are also reliable and hardworking – we will not send you maids from other companies.

Our staff are dependable and can do their job without supervision as all members are hired after a complete background and references check.

Value for Money

Whilst we offer our maids one of the highest salaries in the industry in the UAE, we offer fair pricing to our clients too.

When you are happy, we are happy, and for this purpose we offer a loyalty and referral scheme – please speak with our maids or with the office when you make your booking for details.  


Social Responsibility & Morality

We are a socially responsible company that cares for its employees, the community and the natural environment.

We hire staff on need and merit basis and try to source applicants only from developing countries to help alleviate poverty in third world countries. Every staff member is valued for his/her individual worth and background.

Company also provides means of financial assistance to the staff members in case of personal emergencies.

We are one of the rare companies to allow periods of vacation for lowest category staff once they complete their probationary period.



We try our best to make use of sustainable and eco-friendly methods of cleaning wherever possible without compromising on the quality of our work.

Our cleaning and technical teams are provided access to state-of-the-art equipment and green tools.

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